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Hi my name is Scotty My preferred method of contact is by Skype text chat with my Skype nickname of sacarlson_2000 . To setup contact on skype please state how I should know you or reasons needed for contact or you will be ignored or banned from my contact list. I can also be contacted by email at but I get so much spam that it's hard to isolate any real contacts so you should provide me notice if you have sent me a message by email so that I might locate it. Also add "surething" in the subject of your email or your email will be auto sent to spam. I can also be contacted by my cell phone audio or sms if it's an emergency at ph# +66868270277 . please make audio calls between resonable hours that I hopefully won't be sleeping if you do call by phone call between bkk time 10:00am to 11:00pm. If the phone number above is abused I will ban callers or change my number as needed. If you wish to share photo's with me I urge you to use links to google's picasa or other public access link sites to share rather than sending photos direct by email other wise my email server is likely to not forward larger images and I'll fail to ever see them.  You can also share with me and see some of my other interests at my G+ profile .    Thank you for your interest and looking forward to hearing from you all, Scotty

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  1. ...drunk at 4am got quad stuck 45ft up a tree behind hotel...sending girlfriend up the to fetch it in the morning