Tuesday, May 13, 2014

ToDo List of future and present projects

This is just a reference to possible future projects that we have with present inventory and there present status:
If any one has a preference or would like to help on any of them you are free to do so or add suggestions.
I'll later add pics to each to show what each is.
* asterisk at the front will indicates the task is completed.

Todo list:

Phantom s/n 1:
Is fully flight operational with 250mw 5.8ghz video feed working (no gimbal)
replace 5.8ghz video antena system with new spironet we got from berry shipment
problem we need an sma female to rp-sma male adapter for rx unit to work with new spironet antenna set #2

Phantom s/n 2:
is fully flight operational but has some of the added led lights not working that could be fixed at some point

Phantom s/n 3:
reasemble and just fly it (just need the screews that Paul has someplace or lost) or isolate what problem it has with it not reading the compass that makes it not operate in gps mode. It does fly very good in atti mode, so I'ed be happy with it just assembled and flying.
update may 15, 2014 tried replacement of the magnetometer in phantom s/n 3 failed to correct compass reading problem.
after replacement still fails to calibrate in compass calibrate mode after rotation stops blinking green goes solid green but after second rotation 90 degress it blinks red (error condition blink code).

Dex quad:
*install new frsky reciever s/n2 with voltage sensor and program taranis for voice actions on voltage thresholds for telemetry actions
b.replace led lights with standard strips of red and green or something we have in inventory.
*update may 15, 2014 now have programed Taranis radio for telemetry and also added timer and log recording during flight. first test flight with taranis was ok at the beach with only one 2200ma batt tried. haven't tested the 3 rate modes on ruder and right stick yet. Audio indication added on all active switches that aids in knowing what each switch does and what mode it presently is in. Also A2 voltage sensor to primary battery power value is called out every 30 secounds or on command with SD switch.

Aqua Quad:
install new frsky reciever and integrate voltage sensors
program channel of taranis to operate and setup voltage thresholds for telemetry actions

*Walkera X350 quad:
replace bad motor
optionally replace video 5.8ghz tx antena with new spironet antenna system and incorporate on video rx
or move video tx from this to one of the other phantoms like s/n 1 or 3
note: spironet antena set #2 in inventory has incorrect connector type to be used on the brown video tx box

Ardu quad renamed to X525 quad or just X quad for short:
*remove arducopter controler replace with the new Naza M system we got from Nick.
*install frsky receiver and voltage sensors and calibrate
measure current draw at hover with current meter jig to see if we are using the correct battery type
*we are now getting good flight times with this aircraft up to almost 16 minutes on 6000mah batts with no extra payload

M2 delta wing aircraft (Zepher wing clone):
*A. install voltage sensor to monitor battery condition that hooks to frsky receiver
*A1. reprogram taranis to respond to voltage thresholds for the M2 with 3S batts and test with 4S batts also
*B. reprogram arducopter controler to arduplane config and install on this aircraft
C. Install video tx unit and video camera to prepare for FPV operation
D. optional install cheap gimbal to steer camera angle up and down and maybe try stabalize software in arduplane
E. program and test for Return To Home mode and waypoint modes and stabalize modes and make sure manual mode still works
F. optional maybe later add a better gimbal to make some cool smooth long distance video shots
G. very optional with gimbal above we can also experment with waypoint preprogramed camera angle pointing

*Honda Phantom V2:
incorporate 5.8ghz 250mw fatshark video transmiter system with spironet antenna system.
not sure we have the needed bec to power tx for this yet and I'm not sure about the video wiring at this time.
task completed May 9, 2014 fully tested and working

450 firefly quad (standard 450 frame):
build up kit to be used to test props and motors and use as spare camera ship
later if we finally get this to fly for more than 15 minutes we can try add a gimbal to it to add to the list of camera lifting aircraft
this is now almost a complete kit in the box all accept a good controler
not sure what controler to use on this one yet. thought about testing with a multiwii card but can't find one in our inventory that I thought we had
option is to steel the naza M out of the Dex or aquaquad at some point since this aircraft will carry bigger battery and have longer flight time posibility than the dex or aquaquad.
at some point would need to add lights to fly it at night

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