Thursday, January 23, 2014

Day 2 of Flying the QR X350 FPV quad by Paul the toy man, "WELL HMM"

2nd Day of Flying the qr X350


Paul Rosenberg

Okay , lets start form the beginning. Well I had pretty well adjusted childhood. Liked toys, obviously. Ha ha

Whoops, okay, not that far back. Let’s start from today:

So this is the 2nd full day of flying the Walkera, QR X350. I entitled this page “WELL, HMM””. Best way to sum it up.

Began flying today with 8 fully charged batteries. 5 used and three brand new. The new batteries gave me maybe 6 minutes of flight time whereas the used ones hardly two-four minutes. And this is without the FPV on. No camera, no transmitter. So, “well, hmm”. Not the best for flight times. And this is also with a new set of balanced carbon props that came with the deal.

Then, half way through those flights, the transmitter battery for trhe DEvo went out, and YES, when you lose the transmitter, you lose every thing!! The quad comes straight down. Gives you about one minute of vibrating and audio warning coming from the transmitter, which is good, but I was high up, so took me almost that minute to get down, When the screen wen t out, the quad landed hard the last ten feet. (but at the beach in big sand dunes, so no damage) Well, hmmmmmm Will have to carry a spare two cell or get a bigger one

Now, for the real “meat” of this article: finally realized this is a lower end system so calibration is needed after some flights, and especially harder landings, any shock, and just when it feels like it. Arming is a real mystery and more like rolling the dice. Sometimes it arms, most of the time, it does not. So the only cure seems to be unplug the battery and reboot. It does nto matter much where the switch settings are. But I did arm enough times to go through all batteries.

Now for the flight. “Well, hmmm”. Seems to have a mind of it’s own. IN manual mode it is controllable and about what you expect and can be steered, sort of. On occasion, it just likes to sort of……….”hiccup”.m Wel;l that is the best way to describe it. Maybe a quick downward andgle to the right, and traveling that way for about three feet. Or maybe a drop in height pretty radical to where you hjave to be on the throttle to save it and then it shoots up. And again, the trims don’t really do that much. If i9t wants to drift right or left, it does. Just makes you a creative pilot and you are paying attention all day.

Now, on the second day, the GPS decides to finally work better and maybe all this recalibration finally sunk in . For example, return home works great! Really great. It goes where it wants and finds an awkward path back home that is NOT a straight line, but if DOES find it’s way back to the take off site, and then bounces a few times. This is a plus.

But, GPS attitude hold or lock, is scary. Well it does hover and it does go back top the spot you drag it away from in hover, but under flight command, it might glitch quickly to the right, it might rock a few times like a rocking horse back and forth, it might decidxe to yaw a little more than I am giving it. Kinda like a quad thatis showing all the signs of going bad soon and goind to take off on you, you know. Just little gliches and kinda hard to explain, but think about it this way: You are flying at sio 5 and have a nmice wide area or the stadium, and I take a pin and jab you in the ass! Yea, that is it. Then you jump, and the quad gliches to the right or left fcast and then recovers. Yea , like that. Kinda nerve wracking.

Well, hmmmm.

But it is what it it. I see videos all day on You tube that show it hovering in doors or out and not drifting or gliching at all.

So I got caught in a gimmick is what I am thinking. A lower end quad but with a very cool feature of a built in screen on the controller. Neat toy, but the quad is not that much fun to fly. Well, hmm.

Took the phantom out after that and WHAT a difference. Like driving a rolls Royce. Smooth, dependable, goes where you point it, and stays there.

Maybe have to buy another one. Ha ha

And that ends my article.

What did ya think>
[1:48:44 PM] laserpaul: well?

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