Monday, December 23, 2013

Learning to make videos with quadcopters

Thanks to "Paul the Toy Man" we have had the opportunity to play with some really cool toys. I never realized how easy it would be to fly one of these small Quads. I've been learning on the very small ladybird that can handle crashes and doesn't break or kill as many people as the bigger ones, as I've had to crash a lot to learn how to fly these things at all. As you might note in the video above this video has been speeded up by 4X as an experiment with ffmpeg to change PTS. For details on how that is done see this link for details also I found I can use google drive as a source to embed my videos from to save bandwidth on my free host server. Also with some of Paul's other toys and acting as a team we are working on adding a cool HD Gopro Hero 1 video camera to some of his bigger Quads. This is what we got so far with a night flight at Pattaya beach. We are both just learning some of the complexities of video on a quad so we haven't quite perfected it yet. But I wanted to share what we have and hope to show you as we progress with improvments as we go. These video are taken with a Gopro Hero 1 with settings of R2 video mode that captures 720p at 30 fps. We only have a C4 quality flash mem card in the cam so we can't really use the higher resolution modes that are avalable on the Hero 1 that include R1 - R5 were R3 would be 720p 60fps and R5 would be 1080p 30 fps. So here it is the first of our published video's taken Jun 23, 2013 at about 9:00pm at Pattaya beach in R2 mode for 720p 30fps. I compressed the original video down to 1Mb/sec 30 fps using ffmpeg into divx mpg4 to upload it to google picasa. I then see they recompress it even more so the quality is not like the original as I see the frame rate is much slower on playback from picasa. but you get the idea of the content in any case. I will have to figure out how to keep more quality in the content of the public published work at some point in the future. The second Video I tried compress to 1.5Mb/sec to see if it improves quality a bit and I found that it does look better with this compresion. How ever with less compresion left me with a 100mb file I had to upload. I have very slow upload speed of only .8mb/sec so it takes alot of time to upload even these small video files. I add 1_5mbs or 1mbs to the end of the file to indicate what method of compresion I used before I published. I also didn't realize I can't embed the video from picasa direct into my wordpress page here. It's just a slide show of what is seen in the picasa album. But you can see the video's if you click the embeded slideshow image that opens the link to the google picasa to view the videos. I guess in the future I will have to try youtube or memo or ?? to embed video directly here. It's all learn as you go for me at this point. Update Jun 25, 2013 2:37pm: I found I couldn't embed videos in your websites using google picasa, but you can embed if you use google drive. So I moved one of the files to google drive and is now seen in the above pattaya beach video using the 1mb/sec compressed file I created. this link gave me most of what I needed to figure out how to embed using google drive . So we have been making some progress. You should soon be seeing some cool stuf here when we get it all figured out. Update Jun 25, 2013 5:08pm: I found that on the gopro in R3 and R5 modes I was getting what looked like droped frames. I thought this was due to the slow flash mem we had the was originaly a C4. I got a new C10 flash but still was looking like droped frames but now I think the problem is in my old slow computer that can't render supper high definition 14mb/sec video in real time. So I tried compress it down to 3mb/sec and played back the same video just fine. So now I plan to try the R3 mode for 60fps and slow it down and compress it to have a replay of slowmotion that should look cool.

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