Monday, December 23, 2013

Bicycle RC wing transport method

My wings are now getting up in size to a point that I thought it would be no longer possible to transport on my bicycle. But I thought I saw someplace were people carry there surfboards on bicycles so why not do the same with my wings? So I did a quick google and I found this link that just might be perfect and looks like this: I had originally thought I would make a trailer but this side mounting system might work at least up to my M2 wing size. It might even work up to the BW1 wing size. So here's another project that I will document how it goes here. I also considered the rear racks but I think that would interfere with my saddle bags that I will still need at least one to carry my other gear of radio and batteries and other goodies. Has anyone ever seen something like this used to transport wings? Well I went and got most the parts to try one anyway. The total of the parts from my local Pattaya klong hardware store was 340 baht (about $11 USD). they were just short on the pipe insulation but I was thinking I would make custom foam pads that would fit the planes wing shape with leftover foam cut out of the original wing core to better distribute the load and cost me nothing. Update Dec 5, 2012 4:51pm: I completed the new PVC wing bicycle rack and have it installed and have test rode it unloaded on the streets. First test seems ok as it takes a bit of getting used to riding with it. First problem is there just happened to be a parade starting at the beach just as I was out testing the rack for the first time so there was a big trafic jam. Bad time to be testing something like this for the first time. But even with the problems the short two block test passed. It's now ready for a low load test with the S3 wing as it's first victum. I've already setup fit foam protective blocks to protect it in the rack. I'll have to test that tomaro as it's already getting dark. Update Dec 7, 2012 11:40am: yestarday we did the first trail of the new wing rack transporting the M2 wing to the stadium field and back. The main problems were only due to the lack of glue in some joints as I thought I would need to make some adjustments. Trail distance was 24km total. Today I will finalize all the joints with glue and give it another run to the stadium field with the M2. I might even try it with two wings the M2 and S3 at the same time if possible. Update Dec 7, 2012 4:31pm: I made a modification to widen the wing tray to allow it to carry two wings, the M2 and S3 at the same time. I had to purchase 4 more 90 degree angle pvc that were about 17 baht each. it's now glued together accept for the 4 joints at the bike T joint pipes on front and rear. I plan to put pins into these joints to be able to disasemble it and remove it from the bike quickly. It also provides a method to prepack the wings planed for a day and just snap them onto the bike when it's time to go. It also provides an easy way to move the wing pairs from my apartment into and out of the elevator. It was too late by the time I completed this project so I didn't get a chance to fly today. I'll just make it an early fly day tomaro.

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