Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Scotty's first crash of a big quadcopter H20Quad caused by brain fart

My first crash of a big quadcopter today caused by a brain fart (human error). To make It even worse it wasn't even mine it beloged to “Paul the toy man”. a brand new H2o quad that hasn't got more than about 6 batteries total flight time on it. It was at Pattaya beach on July 2, 2013 in the late afternoon where the tide was at about 2.5 Meters not very low tide that day. It still looked like the space we had was adequate to me with my, at that time confidence. The take off was perfect no problems. It felt very stable with no unexpected actions or oscillations as Paul was saying that he noticed in his last flight just moments before mine. I got some altitude and tried to do a very steady slow pan of the camera that was also installed the gopro Hero 1 and rolling at 60fps in R3 mode. I flew it around myself and went up the beach to the left side when I got as far as I wanted to go I started to bring the aircraft back tword me by pulling back on the stick. It seemed to accelerate faster than I expected as it was about to pass me in reverse I lost perspective and got forward and reverse reversed for just a moment with attempted forward and only made it go faster instead of slower as I had planed. When I noted I was loosing it I dropped throttle to prevent any danger around me as there were people not far away on the stage just next to us. At the lower altitude I still failed to get it under control and it came down not too hard and I was able to shutdown the motors before any prop got broken. The crash caused the landing pads to break off at the fused plastic screws that hold it to the aircraft. I totally blame this on me with a brain fart as I call them. Due to my lack of experience flying and not enough space to be learning to fly an aircraft of this size and speed. But we learn from our mistakes and I was also able to fix it without too much trouble in about 30 minuets now ready for another test flight. See the video bellow that was seen from the gopro on board the quad at the time of the crash. We got lucky this time with minimal damages detected so far. Lucky the H2Oquad is designed for such a crash with fused plastic bolt mounts to prevent much damage from this type of incident.

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